One month into 2016 and we’ve hit the ground running achieving significant success! We’ll continue to bring our clients the best and most reliable media solutions possible. Seeing the You Squared Media team grow larger only adds to the depth and breadth of services in our portfolio.  Thank you for keeping up to date with You Squared Media and keep your eyes open for more exciting news!

Amtex Auto Insurance Launches New Brand Initiative

Amtex Auto Insurance is a  customer-focused company striving  t o  satisfy any coverage needs. The new cohesive brand required a website transformation and improved commercial image. Their goal is to provide Houstonians easier access to quality & affordable insurance and to exude an image that their offerings will benefit everyone.

Learn more about what Amtex Auto Insurance can do for you by checking out the new site!

Amtex  Auto Insurance Visual Concept
Something For Everyone!

Eatfitters creates a digital campaign showing Houston how to get heathy – You need a plan to get results!

Eatfitters in the Media!

Artist Karen Eisele’s Highlights Her Latest Work Online!<

With a focus in oil painting and ceramics, plus a background in  architecture, glass and clay; Karen brings pattern, detail, and a  strong sense of space, form, transparency and light to her work.  Karen has also begun painting traditional religious icons and studying under both Greek Byzantine and Russian masters. She believes this is a spiritual and prayerful endeavor, and is honored to learn techniques that were created centuries ago. Read more about Karen here.

Theresienol – North America website is now LIVE!

The history of  Theresienöl  dates back to the year 1350 A.D. This Austria-based company brings the benefits of their “miraculous” products to North America. The North American site was launched this month.  This is an oil that helps aid most skin ailments.  It is even blessed by the Vatican.  The goal of the website is to showcase the rich history while highlighting the therapeutic oil and its versatile use.  Learn about Theressienol and give the product a try: at

You Squared Media’s Digital Department Gets Focused!
We realize the importance of your business having a strong digital footprint in order to stay relevant and receive maximum results. With a complete digital department SEO is now a primary focus of our agency.
Be sure to keep an eye out for the growing digital awareness for the following businesses:


Fred Aguilar Botox Party! 

Did you start out the New Year Fresh? Dr. Fred Aguilar, Triple Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon and ENT , hosted yet another successful Botox Party.  Did you miss this  event? Keep up to date with Dr. Fred Aguilar and make sure you catch the next one!
5020 Montrose Blvd., Suite 100,
Houston, TX