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Media Planning and Buying

Media Planning

At You Squared Media we identify the most cost-effective, target-rich tactics and incorporate all of the unique constraints your business faces.  Not being affiliated with any specific media company allows us to  truly provide an unbiased recommendation based on results needed, target market, and budget. We develop a deep understanding of your customers and how they interact with your business and the media in order to deliver your message impeccably to your highest probability targeted audience.

Here are a few of the information systems/resources used to develop great media plans:

  • Arbitron Radio Ratings
  • Nielsen TV Ratings
  • Scarborough Qualitative Research
  • Customer Research
  • Media Market Guide Cost Information

Low Rates Are Great, But Meaningless If They Never Run Or Are Never Seen.

Media Buying

You Squared Media will negotiate the best rate possible.  Because we buy media for multiple clients, the rates negotiated are typically the best the station has to offer.

When negotiating and buying You Squared Media will look at:

  • Market Comparisons
  • Compromising Outside Factors
  • Clients Competition
  • Stations Past Rates
  • Cost-Per-Point
  • Cost-Per-Thousand

Media Auditing

You Squared Media’s process:

Invoice Auditing

Every invoice and or ad is cross-checked against the original order. Deviations are flagged for investigation. Incidents without satisfactory explanation result in cash credits or make goods of greater value. All cost deviations are automatically flagged for follow-up and correction.

Post-buy Analysis

When buying radio or TV we look at Nielsen and Arbitron ratings. You Squared Media then examines this data to compare the ratings ordered verses the ratings delivered. This process of comparing accomplishes accountability.

Without A Good Audit Process, Some Advertisers Pay For Mistakes Without Realizing It.

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