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Print advertising is still relevant.

Reading the printed word is still more effective and rewarding than the digital word.  Scrolling tends to distract our focus as well as multimedia features.  Though digital advertising is now an important part of most media plans and is certainly the more popular medium, if done right- print can leave a lasting impression and have a higher conversion.  Bottom line is that print marketing can still be a worthy investment.  The downside to print marketing is that it can be costly if you are trying to attract a younger audience.  However, in some cases, your ad may be available in both print and online editions.  Overall, if your target customer is over 35, you should still consider ads in newspaper or magazine.

Print marketing tends to target a very specific audience,  which if researched properly and planned ahead, can be an effective way to target the right potential customer.  Note that most ads are not designed to sell, but to get people to remember your brand and or learn more about you.  No matter what medium you are going to choose, repetition is key when it comes to getting people to remember you.

PrintPhotoHow to make print advertising work:

CheckmarkThe ad connects with the reader right from the headline and is an appropriate, targeted fit to the proper consumer.

CheckmarkIt’s memorable.

CheckmarkIt provides direct, clear information. It doesn’t confuse the viewer or its purpose (being clever for the sake of being clever does not work).

CheckmarkThere is a call to action.

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