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Social Media Marketing

We Will Help Navigate You Through the Social Media Maze and Get Noticed

In the 90’s ‘Word-Of-Mouth’ was the best form of advertising. Social Media is now the most effective way to get noticed.  At You Squared Media, we have a team designated for digital marketing. There is a graphic designer to ensure the visual quality and consistency of your brand is portrayed, and a social media specialist that not only posts to your social media, but does it with a plan.

Our social media specialist will research keywords, hashtags, and trends to keep up with the most effective engagement possible.

laptop social media arrowSocial Media Plan:

  1. Set up and create a visually appealing cohesive look on 3-4 platforms
  2. Take over any ‘unclaimed’ platforms and merge them into one
  3. Start promoting relevant content that will capture potential customer attention as well as assist with SEO.
  4. Start to boost content to promote your platforms and acquire potential customers
  5. Focus on engagement
  6. Advertise to increase website conversion

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