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Tracey Cleckler

Agency CEO

Tracey Family PhotoIn 1995 Tracey Cleckler, Founder of You Squared Media, was inspired by the Price Pritchett’s book, You2 and its motivational message.  The book provides a high velocity formula for multiplying your personal effectiveness in Quantum Leaps. It inspires us to work smarter and to be open to new opportunities versus working harder and doing the same thing day after day.  Basically, more of the same will get you the same.  It is this inspirational message that is the foundation of You Squared Media.

After 18 years of radio, TV and agency experience, Tracey decided it was time to make a change… after all, more of the same gets you the same, right? In May 2010 she formed You Squared Media, Inc.

Tracey Cleckler is a proud wife of 19 years and mother of three young daughters.  Her family life also inspired her to follow her dreams and start her own agency.  She believes success and happiness comes from true balance.  “People don’t work hard because they clock in at 8 a.m. or 9 a.m. and leave at 5 p.m., they work hard because they are passionate, because they are inspired and challenged to do better.” The staff at You Squared Media must not only have experience, but also a passion for their work.  Tracey feels, “It is the passion and experience that provides our customers with extreme customer service. This is the only way to achieve our number one goal of increasing net profits for our clients and multiplying their marketing results.”


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