You Squared Media Executive Vice President Clarence Estes is nominated to the Including Kids Autism Center Board of Directors. As a board member, Estes will provide leadership and direction to the board executives regarding the center’s marketing, promotional, and community goals.
Including Kids Autism Center is a comprehensive non-profit education center for children and young adults with autism. Founder Jennifer Dantzler and a loyal Board of Directors started Including Kids Autism Center over fifteen years ago. Located in Humble, Texas, their goal is to change the lives of children and young adults ages 2 to 22 with autism, by offering them the chance to be included within the community.
As a part of the Board of Directors, Estes will meet bi-monthly with other board members to propel Including Kids Autism Center forward. With expansive knowledge in marketing, media buying, video production and more, Estes will bring his numerous years of experience in this field to the Including Kids Board.
Since its inception in 2003, Including Kids Autism Center has provided children and young adults with autism a variety of inclusive programs—including full-time one-on-one behavioral instruction, after school and weekend programs, and summer programs for those who need continued behavioral guidance. However, Including Kids isn’t just for individuals with autism, but their families as well, as they offer a family training program to help ensure behavioral success at home. Additionally, the center is able to work directly with the community to help individuals with autism get jobs. They send a behavioral instructor to work with them, to help them acclimate to a working environment and integrate successfully into their community.
About his nomination to the Board of Directors, Estes said, “Including Kids Autism Center was introduced to me by a friend at the same time my wife and I were having our second child. While neither of my children are on the spectrum, I quickly realized how autism can affect any child, as one in every fifty-nine children are diagnosed. I want those individuals to know that they are not alone.” About what he can provide the Board of Directors, Estes mentioned, “I want to help find and provide resources that Including Kids can use however they deem necessary. Whether that’s connecting young adults with autism with workplaces in the community, or helping the center with media consulting, I’m just ready to lend a hand so individuals with autism can be more included in the Greater Houston community.”
Looking ahead, Including Kids Autism Center hopes to care for individuals over age 22 very soon. They are currently opening an extended program for children and young adults in a house located just behind the center. They hope this home can offer the extra care necessary for their students to lead successfully-integrated lives.
While the programs at Including Kids Autism Center are partially funded by insurance, they wouldn’t be possible without the help of donations from the community. To learn more about how you can help, visit
About Including Kids Autism Center
Including Kids Autism Center was founded in 2003 at a time when autism was reaching epidemic levels and there were very few services offered in the state of Texas. In response to the needs of the community and fueled by her passion for autism advocacy, Jennifer Dantzler and a loyal Board of Directors started the Including Kids Autism Center. They have created a full-time program that continues to change the lives of children and young adults with autism, offering them a chance to be included in the community. Today, Including Kids Autism Center has served over one thousand families.
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