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Billboards / Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is an appealing option due to its ability to target geographically and its extremely low cost per person reached. The problem is that billboards can easily become invisible. How many billboards do you drive past each day without seeing them? Yet others will seemingly smack you in the face.

A Few Billboard Tips: 

  • Choose a billboard wisely.  Look at all aspects of what can be provided: traffic count, location, visibility, how many other boards are around, and height of the billboard. Don’t just buy one because the billboard rep. said it is a good deal. BUT, frequency definitely works. We recommend a minimum of 3 boards around a similar area to increase it’s effectiveness.
  • Stay close to the creative process.  Pay close attention to the color of the board.  Does it blend in with the sky/ building/ trees? It should stand out.  Are ALL aspects of the board visible from a distance?  Does it have a profound, easy to understand, and memorable message? Try to stay close to 7 words max on the board.
  • Never sign extremely long contracts unless you know without a doubt the board you are buying works for you all year round.