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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is advertising delivered via digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media,and mobile devices. At You Squared Media we becomethe sustaining resource to make sure all platforms work together and that there is synergy in all that our clientsdo. We make sure our clients message connects with their targeted audience in the right place and at the right time.Each digital marketing component is followed up with a detailed online analysis to ensure the most effective cost-per-click or cost-per-impression possible. No matter what digital platform is used, in the end it’s about an effective ROI.

Website Design & Maintenance

You Squared Media provides cost effective website design and on-going maintenance. A strong on- line presence is vital because it’s your companies first impression to potential customers. We approach our clients web design with a custom look and function, but ensure it is organically set up to achieve the online visibility needed. Website Maitenance includes changing up the site with content and trends.

Social Media Posting & Marketing

We Will Help Navigate You Through The Social Media Maze And Get Noticed

In the 90’s ‘Word-Of-Mouth’ was the best form of advertising. Social Media is now the most effective way to get noticed.  At You Squared Media, we have a team designated for digital marketing. There is a graphic designer to ensure the visual quality and consistency of your brand is portrayed, and a social media specialist that not only posts to your social media, but does it with a plan.

Our social media specialist will research keywords, hashtags, and trends to keep up with the most effective engagement possible.

Social Media Plan:

  1. Set up and create a visually appealing cohesive look on 3-4 platforms
  2. Take over any ‘unclaimed’ platforms and merge them into one
  3. Start promoting relevant content that will capture potential customer attention as well as assist with SEO.
  4. Start to boost content to promote your platforms and acquire potential customers
  5. Focus on engagement
  6. Advertise to increase website conversion

SEO / Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Each and every project has unique goals, and consequently, unique challenges in achieving those goals.  At You Squared Media, we will implement a process in order to understand the uniqueness of your goals, and the local market. This process will provide us with an understanding of what ‘success’ looks like for your business.

Most online marketing campaigns fail to properly strategize on a clear and concise process for success. After a discovery process, You Squared Media will craft the best possible strategy for your business to ensure you have a plan to effectively capture new clients from the internet.

Your marketing strategy will take into account the vision that we collectively collaborate on. We’ll get our strategic planning team together to discuss the findings from the discovery process and develop a web strategy that your new campaign will employ increasing your business profitability.

Ranking with the search engines is a holistic process that must take into account all aspects that are used to evaluate your website when they decide where to rank you. Only a balanced approach will yield top results. Here are a few strategies we will implement to assist with your SEO plan:

✔ Keyword Research and Selection

✔ Content Writing

✔ Linking Strategy

✔ Web Sales Conversion Analysis

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

Relevant ads are displayed on search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, etc.) when users search for specific products and services. The ads are displayed at the top of the page and the right-hand side of the page. We recommend pay-per-click as one of the starting components to our clients advertising campaigns regardless of budget size. Pending on the budget and or comfort level of the internet, You Squared Media may start off with just Google and handle it month-to-month.

Best of all, you only pay when someone clicks through to your site.

Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

Programmatic Ad Buying

At You Squared Media, we strive to be on cutting edge with all forms of advertising. Programmatic buying refers to any ad space bought automatically on a targeted web page via bidding or directly. It also can include re-targeting (An ad that will follow those that show some sort of interest to your website) Programmatic advertising is bought on a cost-per-thousand basis. (Programmatic advertising will be offered upon website completion and competitive research is complete.)

Management Service Includes:

  • Market research on mobile and computer display inventory
  • Recommendations via a CPM (cost-per-thousand)
  • Expected targeted impressions
  • Graphic design
  • Website integration
  • Monthly reporting including CTR (Click Thru Rate)


Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important tool to use in conjunction with your other web marketing efforts to ensure you initiate and stay in contact with your current and potential clients. At You Squared media we will provide attractive, professional-looking, dynamic interactive email flyers to keep customers and prospects coming back and building strong customer relationships.

Our email marketing includes but not limited to:

✔ Database Storage & List Management

✔ Share Icons

✔ Website and Social Media Integration

✔ Track-ability

✔ SafeSubscribe Service

Email Marketing Recommendations:

✔ Monthly Newsletters

✔ Birthday / Anniversary Shout-outs

✔ Event Registration

✔ Invitations

✔ Special Offers