You’ve likely heard the age-old expression “Kids these days and all their technology.” As innovation continues to contribute the growth of modern technology, many consumers seem to reach for their phone for anything they might need. Whether its grocery shopping or changing the temperature of your home’s thermostat, it seems like there is a mobile app for everything.

Each day the world becomes more and more digital, but what does that mean for traditional advertising? Are the days of radio ads, TV commercials and print marketing over? Not quite. While digital marketing has taken over a larger slice of the advertising pie, traditional media is still just as important as ever. The most successful brands in advertising use a combination of traditional marketing with the most innovative digital trends. That’s to say that companies who place an ad on radio or television, while simultaneously running the same campaign across social media will be more successful is distributing their message than a company relying on only one marketing avenue.

For example, a pizza chain who uses billboard, TV and radio advertisements to promote a new $10.99 large pizza special can reach a broader audience by coupling their traditional media with digital advertising, such as social media ads or pay-per-click marketing. The more often a campaign reaches a target consumer, the more effective the advertisement is. It just makes sense that if a customer sees an in-your-face television commercial about $10 large pizzas and then scrolls past a Facebook ad for the same thing later that day, they’re going to be more likely to choose that company the next time they’re craving pizza.

Ultimately, the most effective advertising strategy should never be a generic, cookie-cutter approach. Certain media channels make more sense for different brands. If pizza really isn’t your thing, consider emergent care. Programmatic ad buying allows for extremely direct customer targeting in this market. Wouldn’t it be cool if you were an urgent care facility who could reach a potential patient as soon as they get injured or sick? With geographical digital targeting, a patient waiting in an emergency room with a two hour wait ahead of them can be targeted with a digital ad sent straight to their cell phone. “NO WAIT EMERGENCY CARE” sounds pretty good to someone in a crowded ER.

However, while digital marketing makes the most sense with an emergency care center, traditional advertising would be effective in building credibility and visibility of the brand. If a consumer sees a traditional television ad with a 3 time frequency, then is geo-targeted digitally with a call-to-action, it helps build the urgent care’s brand as one the consumer should trust.

Digital marketing allows for consumer engagement and interaction, whereas the traditional media allows for a broad, albeit one-directional, target. Both types of media have their advantages, but the best campaigns combine both traditional and digital to not only reach their target audiences, but to engage with them as well.

Furthermore, there is also a large age-gap to consider when choosing the most effective marketing for every brand. Digital marketing tends to best reach consumers ages 35 and under, while traditional media is most affective with the 35 and older group. However, as the digital climate continues to grow, digital marketing allows for more visibility with a growing age demographic. This is why an individualized marketing plan makes sense for every brand, as they can target their specific audience accordingly.

Though both social media and digital marketing play an important role in reaching potential consumers, it is imperative to not forget about traditional marketing. Many media outlets have adapted to the growing digital market by leveraging traditional and digital platforms. Their combined reach, along with social media, provides an opportunity to reach more people than ever before.

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